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PhD in astrophysics

Theses Regulation

The ULL Astrophysics Doctoral Programme has a set of internal regulations and procedures related to theses and thesis projects.

In addition, the Academic Comission for the Master´s and Doctorate degrees (CAMyD) requires a report by an internal referee

1. When the doctoral candidate and his/her supervisors consider  the thesis is ready to be defended, the supervisors must ask the Academic Comission for the Master´s and Doctorate degrees to name an internal referee. With this aim, they can name up to three people who could carry out this task efficiently. In any case these must be researchers with doctorates, and with recognized qualifications in the subject matter of the thesis, and who have not been involved in its preparation.

2. Once the referee has been named (or at the time the request for this has been made) the candidate must depost in the secretary´s office of the Astrophysics Department a copy of the thesis which will be given to the referee, in other words a version which is complete (except for minor details) but provisional. It need not be a bound version. The CAMyD will look at the thesis, and if it is deemed ready to be given to the referee it will pass on to him/her the copy which has been deposited, giving him/her the task of revising it, and contacting the doctoral candidate and the supervisor, to comment and discuss those changes, improvements, corrections etc. which he/she claims to be necessary. The supervisor of the thesis must be aware of the corrections suggested by the referee, and must take the responsibility that the candidate implements those changes which the referee suggests. The referee must then write a report, and send it to the CAMyD within a month of his/her nomination.

3. One this report has been received, if it is positive the president of the CAMyD will communicate this to the sueprvise of the thesis and to the doctoral candidate, who will goa head to present the thesis, which they must deposit in the "Negociado de Doctorado" ( See ""Guía para el Depósito de Tesis Doctoral") . If the report is negative, the CAMyD will interview the doctoral candidate, and the thesis supervisor, and if necessary  the referee and other experts. When these have made their declarations, the CAMyD will decide whether to appoint a new referee, or to advise the candidate and the supervisor that the thesis should not be presented,  until and unless the defects which the referee has pointed out are adequately corrected.

Changes to thesis projects

Applications for any substantial modifications to a thesis project, whether to its title, subject or supervision (the inclusion or exclusion of co-supervisors) must be presented giving at least six months' notice prior to the delivery of the thesis to the Postrgraduate Commission of the ULL.

For this purpose, the applicant (either the student or thesis supervisor) must apply in writing, stating the proposed changes and their justification,  to the Postgraduate Commission, addressed to the head of the Astrophysics CAMyD.

The Postgraduate Commission will pass the written application to the CAMyD for its consideration and approbation, if applicable.

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