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IACTEC: Technological and business collaboration space

Microsatellite Programme

Canary Islands

IACTEC is dedicated in a big way to the space technology sector, a field in which the IAC has acquired great experience through previous partnerships in European Space Agency (ESA) missions and collaboration with National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA), Spain's leading body in this sector.

The IAC has developed instrumentation for the ISO, SOHO, Planck, Herschel, AMS, Solar Orbiter, and Euclid space missions.

IACTEC will boost innovation and development relating to the useful payload of micro- and nanosatellites, a growing sector with a great impact on areas such as communications, defence and security, environmental management, etc. Our initial focus will be on observations of the Earth with a view to developing our technological capabilities for application to space observational projects with these kinds of satellites.

The technologies to be developed through this activity relate to detector development (control, hardware, image pre-processing) and the optical design of high-resolution cameras, with particular attention to new light materials for space and use of advanced ultra-resolution techniques

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