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PP 010014

New groups of planetary nebulae with peculiar dust chemistry towards the Galactic bulge

S. K. Gorny(1), J. V. Perea-Calderon(2), D. A. Garcia-Hernandez(3), P. Garcia-Lario(2), R. Szczerba(1)
(1) N. Copernicus Astronomical Center, (2) ESAC-ESA, (3) Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias
We investigate Galactic bulge planetary nebulae without emission-line central stars for which peculiar infrared spectra have been obtained with Spitzer Space Telescope, including the simultaneous signs of oxygen and carbon based dust. Three separate sub-groups can be defined characterized by the different chemical composition of the dust and the presence of crystalline and amorphous silicates. We find that the classification based on the dust properties is reflected in the more general properties of these planetary nebulae. However, some observed properties are difficult to relate to the common view of planetary nebulae. In particular, it is challenging to interpret the peculiar gas chemical composition of many analyzed objects in the standard picture of the evolution of planetary nebulae progenitors. We confirm that the dual-dust chemistry phenomenon is not limited to planetary nebulae with emission-line central stars.

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