Exposure Time Calculator - Imaging mode

This exposure calculator predicts the signal-to-noise ratio achieved with LIRIS for a given exposure time and observing conditions. By default the sky brightness and  the  detector integration time are changed with filter.
To run the program enter values below and click on 'Submit'. You may set signal-to-noise and obtain the corresponding exposure time, or viceversa.

Input flux distribution
Apparent Magnitude mag (mag/arcsecē if extended) Source Type

Sky conditions
Seeing arcsec Airmass
Sky brightness mag/arcsecē Season Summer Time Winter Time

Instrument Setup
Filter No. of dither points Sky frames
Exposure Time ncycles Detector Integration Time sec Nruns
  Signal To Noise

Graphical Output
  S/N vs exposure time
  S/N vs seeing


Please send queries and comments to: liris at ll.iac.es

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