QUIJOTE Experiment. Results

Commissioning of the MFI (Nov. 2012)

The MFI (QUIJOTE first instrument) succesfully underwent first light observations on November 13th, 2012. This is one of the first intensity maps (left) at 11 GHz (integration time only 10 minutes), of the cygnus-loop region, in comparison with the same sky region as seen by WMAP at 23 GHz (right):


The following images show intensity maps on the Crab nebula at the four observing frequencies of the MFI (11, 13, 17 an d19 GHz), from observations on November 15, with a total integration time on the source of 1 minute:

Our measurement of the polarization fraction in Crab from these observations is 6.8% at 11 GHz, which is in agreement with the value measured by WMAP at 23 GHz (7.08%, and approximately frequency-independent across WMAP bands). These are the Q and U maps:


We have also observed the Moon, and these are the maps at 17 GHz of Stokes I, Q and U (integration time of only 1 minute on the moon):

In some of the Moon observations, that were performed at low elevations (declinations around zero) we captured the emission of some geostationary satellites in the low frequency channel (11 GHz). The plot below shows the time-ordered-data interval when one of these satellites were crossed, nicely showing the shape of the main beam, and also of one of the first sidelobes, whose amplitude is below -25 dB.