In 1998 January, EMIR_COSMOS Letter of Intent (PI Guzmán ) was submited to GRANTECAN. It was a scientific-instrumental case for a near-infrared multi-object spectrograph (EMIR) to carry out COSMOS, a NIR spectroscopy study of star-forming galaxies at redshifts larger than 1. The team was formed by Balcells M, Gallego J, Gúzman R, Pelló R, Prieto M.

Several photometric surveys were carry out to provide data to the spectroscopy one. In 2000 April, GOYA Photometric Survey starts with WHT/INGRID K-band imaging of Groth and Coppi fields (PI Ballcels). In 2000 May, the complementary GOYA Photometric Survey stars at CAHA with 3.3m/OMEGA-prime K-band imaging of Extended Groth and HDF fields (PI Gallego). This survey Survey was finished in Spring 2005. Later, the WIRCam Ultra Deep Survey (WUDS) (PI ?? Pelló) was conducted in 2008 at the CFH Telescope, in the field of the CFHTLS-D3 field (Groth Strip)  to provide a robust database in the near-IR for the selection of GOYA targets.

In July 2002, N. Cardiel and F. Garzón were incorporated to the COSMOS core team. GOYA acronym was adopted in place of COSMOS in Fefruary 2004. From 2000 to 2006, M. Balcells was COSMOS (GOYA) PI, publishing the GOYA Organizational Document in 2004. In September 2006 , R. Guzmán is the new GOYA PI. L. Tresse joins the GOYA core team as representative of LAM (France) in May 2007, and in August 2016 she is replaced by S. Arnouts. From October 2016, M. Balcells and M. Prieto are coordinating the project.

Get photometric Database, Science reference document and Web page were ready for the end of 2008. In the workshop of  GOYA Core team at the Portil (Huelva, September 2008) it was decided that the preparation for the spectroscopy phase would start 9 months in advance we know for certain that EMIR will be ready. In the main time we have continued doing GOYA science but not necessarily as GOYA team. In 2015, after the acceptance of EMIR by GRANTECAN, the preparation of the spectroscopic nIR Survey was reactivated and GOYA's scientific programmes  were updated to their current form, as well as the GOYA website .

Science Meetings

  • - 2000 May, COSMOS 1st Science Meeting, Granada
  • - 2002 May, COSMOS 2nd Science Meeting, Granada
  • - 2004 May, GOYA 3rd Science Meeting, Madrid
  • - 2005, May, GOYA 4th Science Meeting, Toulouse

PhD Thesis

  • - 2003 May, “Análisis de las Masas Estelares de una Muestra de Galaxias Luminosas Compactas Azules” by David Cristóbal Hornillos, directed by M. Balcells and M. Prieto.
  • - 2006 January, “Fusión galáctica: Conteo de Fuentes y Dinámica de Acrecimientos de satélites” by Carmen Eliche-Moral. Directed by M. Balcells and M. Prieto
  • - 2009 July. “Evolución Cosmológica de Bulbos Galácticos” by Lilian Domínguez Palmero. Directed by M. Balcells ad M. Prieto
  • - 2009 September, “Fusiones de galaxias a distancias cosmológicas” by Carlos López San Juan. Directed by M. Balcells and M. Prieto.
  • - 2011 April, “Análisis Multilongitud de Onda de las Propiedades Físicas de Galaxias Lejanas” by Guillermo Barro Calvo. Directed by P.G. Pérez Gónzalez and J. Gallego

Studies based in data from the GOYA Photometric Survey presented in Meetings (click here)