The GOYA Survey addresses four main science questions

1- Characterize the Low-Mass Star-Forming Galaxies at intermediate redshifts (0.7<z<1.7):

SFR tracers: Hα, [OII];   Metallicity: [OIII+OII]/Hβ, [NII]/Hα;   Extinction: Hα/Hβ;    Kinematics & Virial Mass: velocity widths                         

2-  To explore  the  formation  and evolution of  the most massive galaxies at high redshift (1<z<3):

IMF diagnostic;    Ages/metallicities: 4000-break, Hβ, Mg2, Fe;    Kinematics & Virial Masses :sigma;     Scaling Laws:  empirical relations between structural and   kinematics, stellar population parameters

3- Discover and study primeval galaxies at z>5:

Detection of Lyα and HeII 1640 in the NIR

4- Constrain cosmological parameters:

ΩM and ΩΛ: L(Hβ)-sigma distance indicator;   Fine structure constant: [OIII]5007 & [OIII]4959