The IACOB spectroscopic database

In an epoch in which we count on a new powerful generation of stellar atmosphere codes including all the important physics for the modelling of massive OB stars, on (clusters of) high efficiency computers allowing the computation of large grids of stellar models in more than reasonable computational times, and on the possibility to obtain good quality, medium resolution spectra of hundreds O and B-type stars in clusters outside the Milky way in just one snapshot (see e.g. the FLAMES I & II Surveys of Massive Stars, Evans et al. 2008, 2010), the compilation of medium and high-resolution spectroscopic databases of OB stars in our Galaxy is becoming more and more important. With this idea in mind, in 2008 we began to compile the IACOB spectroscopic database, aiming at constructing the largest database of multiepoch, high resolution, high signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) spectra of Galactic Northern OB-type stars. The IACOB perfectly complements the efforts also devoted in the last years by the GOSSS (P.I. Maíz Apellániz) and the OWN (P.I’s Barbá & Gamen, leading a multi-epoch, high-resolution spectroscopic survey of Galactic O and WR stars in the Southern hemisphere; see Barbá et al. 2010) team.

Acess to the IACOB spectroscopic database