Local network training

The network appointees carry out their work at one of the SOLAIRE nodes. Important features of the local network training include:

  • The supervisors guide the PhD students concerning scientific content, research tools, publications in scientific journals and dissemination through lectures.Upon start of the appointment, a programme of courses to attend (locally, at other nodes and in network events) is jointly devised by the supervisor and the student. The doctorands learn to survey the literature, to pose a research problem that is important and achievable and to solve it using the necessary computational, theoretical and observational tools, thereby acquiring the skills required to become a high-level independent researcher.
  • The network´s doctorands and postdocs are encouraged to participate in local research group meetings, institute-wide colloquia, and national meetings (e.g. national astronomical society meetings, UK MHD meeting, Dutch Astrophysics Days, Belgian Forum for Plasma Science, …).
  • Most teams are located at Universities with strong post-graduate programs with courses on topics of the Solaire collaboration (fluid mechanics, plasma physics, computational methods, observational and theoretical astrophysics). The network´s doctorands are offered the possibility of attending those postgraduate courses.
  • The universities of some teams run generic skills-training programmes for doctorands or recent postdocs, including communication skills, IT skills, project planning, etc. Those courses are open to participation of the network´s doctorands and postdocs.