Postgraduate School on Solar MHD, Reconnection Theory, Flares and CMEs. St. Andrews

Solar MHD, Reconnection Theory, Flares and CMEs, 11-15 January 2010. St Andrews University, Scotland, UK

This one-week school is part of the European Research Training Network Solaire.

The main focus of the 4th SOLAIRE Postgraduate School is on theoretical aspects relating to magnetic reconnection, solar flares and CMEs. Magnetic reconnection is a fundamental plasma physics process that plays a key role in many solar phenomena not only solar flares and CMEs, but also in coronal heating, driving the solar wind and in magnetic field generation through dynamo action. It is also a process that is central to the magnetospheres of planets, the heliosphere and other stellarspheres, as well as playing a major part in many astrophysical objects, such as accretion discs, stellar coronae, etc.