Network-wide training


The research training within SOLAIRE is carried out in a network-wide form:


  • The PhD projects in the network have a co-supervisor from another participant institution, covering in most cases at least two of the core approaches of the network (e.g., observations to complement numerical experiments). In most cases the ESRs will spend 1/3 of their PhD time in the institution of the co-supervisor. This will also lead to the Euro-PhD title where possible. 
  • The network will run 5 postgraduate schools. The schools will provide training of the highest international standard.
  • The network meetings set the stage for the exchange of information for the whole network and provide a natural framework for careful training in research communication skills.
  • Through stays at the FGE node, the doctorands can acquire high-level skills in computer codes and visualization, at the same time profiting from their stay in a commercial research and development environment.
  • The acquisition of complementary skills (management, communication, IPR, research ethics, etc) is guaranteed through specific network-wide training workshops.