Postgraduate School on Solar Observational Data Analysis, Glasgow

Solar Observational Data Analysis School, 1-5 June 2009. University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK

This one-week school is part of the European Research Training Network Solaire.

The school's philosophy is to cover
(i) the scientific rationale for each kind of measurement
(ii) searching and obtaining data
(iii) viewing, calibrating and correcting it
(iv) generating the science product (intensity, density or temperature measurement etc) and
(v) combining different datasets in a multi-wavelength view.

There will be a series of topical lectures and complementary analysis exercises, and a mini-project to be completed in a group. Lectures will be given by experts in each of the analysis techniques.

The data analysis exercises will be carried out in the widely-used IDL data processing language, using the SolarSoft suite of solar data analysis software.