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The Local Universe

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Formation and Evolution of Galaxies: Observations in Infrared and other Wavelengths (P/308610)


Rui Márques Coelho Chaves, Alina Streblyanska, Helmut Dannerbauer, Camilo E. Jiménez Angel, Stefan Geier

Main International collaborator groups: Herschel SPIRE, HerMES, Herschel-ATLAS, SPICA, SAFARI, SWIRE, SERVS, DEEPDRILL, SDSS-III y SDSS-IV, VISTA-VHS, BELLS GALLERY, etc.


This IAC research group carries out several extragalactic projects in different spectral ranges, using space as well as ground-based telescopes, to study the cosmological evolution of galaxies and the origin of nuclear activity in active galaxies. The group is a member of the international consortium which built the SPIRE instrument for the Herschel Space Observatory and of the European consortium which is developing the SAFARI instrument for the infrared space telescope SPICA of the space agencies ESA and JAXA.

The main projects in 2016 were:

a) Several extragalactic projects carried out with the Herschel Space Observatory, in particular the HerMES and Herschel-ATLAS Key Projects.

b) Follow-up observations with the Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC), WHT, ALMA, IRAM 30m, Green Bank Telescope, ATCA, HST, Spitzer and other large telescopes of high-redshift galaxies selected in the far-infrared and mm/submm bands.

c) Participation in the development of the SAFARI instrument, one of the European contributions to the SPICA infrared space telescope.

d) Sloan Digital Sky Survey III and IV: Lyman α emitting galaxies of the BELLS GALLERY project.

e) Studies of galaxies at very high redshift using public data of the HST Frontier Fields project and spectroscopic follow-up with GTC, VLT and ALMA


In 2016 this IAC research group has contributed to several Herschel extragalactic projects, including the largest Guaranteed Time Key Project (HerMES) and the largest one in Open Time (Herschel-ATLAS). The results published in 2016 include the analysis of large samples of high-redshift galaxy candidates, selected from the red Herschel/SPIRE colours, of the HeLMS (Asboth et al. 2016), part of HerMES, and Herschel-ATLAS (Ivison et al. 2016) projects.

Two papers have been published on the BELLS GALLERY project, presenting the sample selection and the main properties based on HST observations of part of the sample. Additionally, a detailed study with GTC and WHT has been carried out on BG1429+1202, a lensed Lyman α emitting galaxy from this project, which is very bright and also intrinsically very luminous (Marques-Chaves et al. 2017).

This IAC research group was also involved in two papers on members of galaxy protoclusters in the early universe, presenting detailed studies of the cold interstellar medium of individual sources. One of this papers (Emonts et al. 2016) was published in Science.

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