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Short presentation of the "SIE de Investigación y Enseñanza "

The SIE acronym stands for Servicios Informaticos Especializados = Specialized Informatics Services. An alternative, unofficial acronym, is SINFIN: Servicios INFormaticos de INvestigación.

We are a new department created after the reorganization of the previous Computing Center. It consists of the Coordinator, one Software Postdoc and a Web Officer. We report to the Head of the Research Division. Our duties are the installation, maintenance and user support of all astronomical software, supercomputing and Web development.

The SIE Personnel

The SIE is composed of the Software Postdoc Coordinator, of a Software Postdoc who devotes 70% minimum of his time to software duties, and of a full-time Web Officer. The table below provides the basic info on the SIE members.

Name Email - phone - office Main Responsibilities
Nicola Caon - tel: 5383 - office: 1322 Coordinator - Astronomical software
Antonio Dorta Lorenzo - tel: 5278 - office: 1508 Supercomputing, Parallel and Distributed Programming, Programming languages
Jorge Andrés Pérez Prieto - tel: 5278 - office: 1508 Web Officer

The SIE duties

Our basic duties are:

Here is a more detailed list of the main duties of each of us.

Nicola Caon

Antonio Dorta Lorenzo

Jorge Andrés Pérez Prieto