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Infrastructures and resources

Mechanics Department

Mechanical Integration and Verification Laboratory

The Mechanical Integration and Verification Laboratoryis managed by the Mechanics Department.

This laboratory provides the basic and specific infrastructures needed for the development and integration of mechanical systems developed in the Technology Division.

The Laboratory has a floor area of 42 m2 and is designed to work with mechanical devices and equipment. It offers generic measuring and testing equipment as well as the normal services provided by a technological research and development laboratory.

The Laboratory boasts many resources including: air conditioning, compressed air, local network connection, monophasic and 3-phase power and uninterrupted power supply, telephone, access control system and security system. 

It also has an auxiliary infrastructure of mechanical tools, workbenches, shelves, storage trolleys and handling equipment.

The Laboratory has a collection of specialized integration, measurement and verification instruments like calibers, cryostats, torque meters, sub-micrometric measuring equipment and equipment for measuring and analyzing vibrations. 

A more detailed list of this instrumentation follows: 

  • Dynamometric keys from 0,02 Ncm to 200 Nm.
  • Digital dynamometer with up to 200 N traction and compression measurement
  • Equipment for measuring motor torque up to 0,35 Nm
  • Vertical displacement table with 650mm digital scale
  • Electric screwdrivers, 2.4V and 12V.
  • Thermal sealing machine, 650mm.
  • Laser and electronic levels
  • Two-stage closed-cycle cooler CTI R-22 with a water cooled compressor.
  • MERCER 5 channel modular sub-micrometric measuring device with data acquisition system.
  • Vibration measurement and analysis device with 8 channel signal conditioner, 4 structural analysis accelerometers (0.5 - 3Khz), 2 general purpose accelerometers (1-10Khz) and data acquisition system.
  • PCs for data acquisition
  • Magnifiers for use in the assembly and verification of small subsystems
  • Mobile trolley for pure gases (He and N2) with regulators.
  • 1000 Kg handling crane
  • 500 Kg elevation platform
  • Test cryostats
  • Cryostats integration and handling tools
  • Special gas and vapour extractor
  • Portable O2 level monitoring device
  • Tables and transport trolleys

Furthermore the Department has other infrastructures located in the Large Instrument Assembly, Integration and Verification room:

  • ISO-K & KF standardized vacuum hardware
  • 8 channel temperature measurement devices
  • 2 and 6 channel vacuum measurement devices
  • High vacuum systems, turbopump based
  • Outgassing oven
  • 600 liters liquid Nitrogen self-pressurising storage vessels
  • Portable O2 level monitoring device

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