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SkyMapper and the SkyDice Calibration System
P. Rocci, P. Bailly, E. Barrelet, H. Lebbolo, L. Le Guillou, N. Regnault, P. Repain, K. Schahman


SkyMapper is a 5.7 deg2 imager mounted on a dedicated 1.3 m telescope installed at the
Siding Spring Observatory (NSW, Australia). Among the core goals of SkyMapper are the
Southern Sky Survey (S3), a 9-epoch survey of the entire southern sky, and a large nearby
supernovae survey (S5). S5 aims at producing a nearby SN Ia sample comparable in
quality to those gathered by SNLS and SDSS. The SkyDice (SkyMapper Direct Illumination
Calibration Experiment) system is a dedicated photometric calibration device that has been installed in the SkyMapper enclosure on June 2012. It will be release the first set of data on July 2012. Here we describe the design
of the system, optical model simulations and the test bench with our final results from
the calibration pipeline.