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The domain belongs to the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, with CIF Q3811001A, address on Calle Vía Láctea, s / n, 38205 - La Laguna (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) and contact and telephone +34 922 605 200.

The IAC Web Portal and all the domains and directories with others IAC websites linking from it, as well as the services or contents of the IAC that can be obtained through them, are subject to the terms that are detailed in this Legal Notice, without prejudice that access to any of said services or contents may require the acceptance of an additional General Conditions.

Therefore, if you are not according with this Legal Notice, please do not use the Portal or the services or contents of the IAC offered through it, since any use you make of them will imply the acceptance of the legal terms included in this text.


The IAC authorizes the use of multimedia material ( images, videos, animations) of BIA (, for those cases where the credit is assigned to the IAC, as well as for texts of the press releases and the multimedia material accompanying these press releases without the need to ask permission from the IAC provided that:

  • It is for educational, or informative use (without commmercial application)
  • The corresponding credits are quoted
  • The conditions and limitations appended are read and accepted

(*) In the case of printed or digital publications an example should be sent (preferably in digital formal), or the address of the website, to the addresses shown at the end of the page.

In all cases one should specify

  • the address of the web page of the IAC from which they have been downloaded

This general permission is not extensible to the use of the IAC logo, in any of its forms, which can be used only for products with IAC patronage

For the remaining material not considered in this section, it will be necessary to ask for authorization at the address shown   at the bottom of the page, except for those cases taken into consideration in artícles 31 y 34 of the Royal Legislative Decree  1/1996, of the 12th of april, or in the current legislation.

Publicity and commercial purposes

If you want to use images, videos, or otherIAC material for any kind of advertisement or product with commerical aims, you need to ask permission from the UC3 by sending an email to  describing the use that will be given to the material, and including, if possible, the relevant design or storyboard.

If this permission is granted, the person requesting it promises to accept the conditions and limitations appended and to send a physical or a digital copy of the product to the address indicated.

Links to IAC websites

Links to IAC web pages from other web pages or digital applications are allowed, provided that they do not imply in any way that the IAC approves, promotes, or forms a part of those goods or services

Conditions and limitations

The intention of the IAC is to promote the use of IAC materials, which are subject only to the following conditions:

  • IAC material cannot be used to indicate or imply the approval by the IAC or by any of its employees or products, services, or activities which are not part of the IAC, nor its use in any way which can lead to error.
  • The IAC must be recognized as the source of this material, except when it is used for publicity.
  • El IAC does not concede exclusive rights to IAC material
  • If a person appears in recognizable form in IAC material, permission must be obtained from the person recognized, except for use of material by communications media
  • Some of the audiovisual material of the IAC may include music or images which are protected by copyright, and/or by authorization for the IAC. Any editing or other change in the material would need the permission of the authors or owners of the copyright. This is true also if the owners belong to the IAC
  • Only the text of the press releases may be used and adapted without the need for additional permission. The rest of the material in the press releases will need the permission of the authors (consult   )
  • Any product derived from an adaptation of IAC material may, in turn, be adapted by the IAC or others in succession
  • The credits must be included in their totality (exactly as indicated) and must be located so that they can be associated with the material to which they relate. If any material from the IAC web appears without credits** consult
  • When IAC material related to a press reléase is used, a link must be clearly made to this press release in order to facilitate access to the full information
  • The IAC will not pay compensation nor give legal support to users of the material obtained from the IAC website, nor will it free anyone from infractions of authors’ rights.

(**) Texts of press releases: unless there is an alternative indication, the credit which must be used to indicate authorship is "IAC"

Any query or doubt about the above may be addressed to

Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias

Unidad de Comunicación y Cultura Científica (UC3)

C/ Vía Láctea s/n 38205

La Laguna, Tenerife, España

Email: secUC3@

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