IAC publishing

The Science Communication and Culture Unit (UC3) is responsible for the outreach publications and material of the IAC. It seeks in this way to keep citizens informed of the various activities that the IAC organizes and to bring them closer to the fascinating science of Astronomy.

The IAC publishes regularly:

  • Popular magazines (Paralajes,...).
  • Memoria and reports.
  • A Blog "Vía Láctea, S / N" and Social Networks.
  • Factsheets and brochures about the facilities of the Canary Islands Observatories and scientific, technological, educational and outreach activities.
  • Posters and graphic supports (displays, roll-ups, banners,...) announcing scientific meetings (congreses, winter schools,...) and other outreach events.
  • Prints of astronomical images and installations.
  • Astronomical calendars.
  • Own production books & didactic units.
  • Videos.

  • Annual report CCI 2011
    Annual report CCI 2011

    This CCI Annual Report once more reads as a detailed overview of modern astronomical research.

  • Leaflet: astroclimatic parameters

    Leaflet: astroclimatic parameters

  • Telescopio EST: report on technical, financial and socio-economic aspect

    This report is the result of an extensive analysis and data collectionon industrial and socio-economic aspects related to the constructionand operation of the “European Large Aperture Solar Telescope”

  • Practical Guide for outdoor lighting

    Practical Guide for outdoor lighting

  • IAC Technology Leaflet 2010
    IAC Technology Leaflet 2010 (pdf, 9,5MB)

    IAC Technology Leaflet 2010.