Astroparticles Theory


The goal of this project is to initiate a line of research in theoretical astroparticle physics that can exploit synergies with other areas and observations developed within the Institute. The starting point will be the investigation of the phenomenology
derived from particle-physics laboratories such as CERN and to bring it closer to its possible astrophysical and cosmological implications.

Three possible routes that will be explored are:

  • New physics and cosmological consequences: Here we will explore the  consequences of a series of LHC experiments whose results are at variance with the predictions of the Standard Model of particle physics. If confirmed in the next few years, it would imply the discovery of New Physics that would transform our understanding of the fundamental laws of physics at its smallest scales. This will have consequences in the Early Universe that we want to explore, such as the production of topological defects, like cosmic strings or magnetic monopoles, the introduction of new mechanisms to explain baryogenesis or the presence of new particles that could constitute dark matter.
  • New light physics and stellar structure: The presence of new light exotic particles but coupled very weakly (such as axion) can have a great impact on the evolution of stars. We want to update, refine and explore new ideas by which to infer or restrict the parameters of these new particles with modern astronomical observations.
  • Fundamental Physics in CTA: The idea is to develop a theoretical support group that deepens the impact that this new infrastructure can have on fundamental physics. A first approach will be to refine the calculations of the possible signals of annihilation of dark matter in particles of the standard model and to model these processes as sources of high energy gamma rays.

The ambition of this project in the coming years is to grow with students and postdocs, attracting the interest of other IAC researchers and international external particle researchers on the IAC.

Principal investigator
Project staff

Los objetivos para este año del proyecto es la de iniciar líneas de investigación en este área, con publicaciones y ponencias relacionadas con las implicaciones cosmológicas de resultados del LHC (defectos topológicos) y consecuencias de estructura estelar en modelos de axiones.

Óptimamente para finales de año, habremos iniciado el proceso de documentar las oportunidades de hacer ciencias para CTA. En añadido habrán una serie de trabajos en física de partículas.

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