A Disc Wind Where You Least Expect It: The Outflow in the Short-period X-ray Binary UW CrB

Fijma, Stefanie; Degenaar, Nathalie; Castro Segura, Noel; Knigge, Christian; Maccarone, Thomas; Armas Padilla, Montserrat; Muñoz-Darias, Teo
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AAS/High Energy Astrophysics Division

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Studying outflows of low mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs) is important for understanding the physics of accretion, the evolution of compact binaries, and dynamics of the local interstellar medium. One significant source of these outflows is the accretion disc wind, which can blow away vast amounts of material from the disc before it can be accreted on the compact object. In my talk, I will discuss a recent notable discovery of an outflow in UW CrB, a high-inclination neutron star LMXB with an orbital period of only ≈111 minutes. Interestingly, the outflow appears to be transient, and is detected in a system containing a much smaller disc than in previous wind detections. I will present the results of our multiwavelength observing campaign to characterise the outflow, spanning the X-ray to near-infrared bands. I will discuss the analysis of outflow features, as well as the evolutionary stage and history of this system.