Construction of the MEU-PSU unit of the PLATO space mission

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Hans Jörg
Deeg Deeg
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1.785.212,00 €

The objective of this initiative is to give continuity to the pending tasks in the construction and delivery of the MEU-PSU (Main Electronic Unit - Power Supply Unit) of the PLATO space mission. The main objective of PLATO is the identification and characterization of exoplanetary systems, focused on terrestrial-type planets in the habitable zone around Sun-like stars.

The MEU consists of the data processing electronics from the 24 satellite cameras. The IAC is committed to contributing to this the MEU-PSU, which generates the necessary voltages in the MEU. In addition, it generates the telemetry for the temperatures, voltages and currents within the MEU. It monitors the conditions of the supplies, provides the electronics for supervision / disconnection of the supplies from the main unit boards, and communicates with the rest of the instrument via SpaceWire.

The project intends the acquisition of the components and the construction of all the MEU-PSU models, being them the PFM (Proto Flight Model), FM (Flight Model) and FS (Flight Spare) and for the PFM, the superation of the tests of the 'TRB / TRD' (Test Review Board / Delivery Review Board), all with the corresponding generation of documentation during project reviews.

This initiative is carried out within the framework of a Spanish consortium of institutes participating in the PLATO mission and has a significant involvement of the national aerospace industry. 

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