Contribución del IAC a la misión espacial PLATO 2.0. Fases C/D-1

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Hans Jörg
Deeg Deeg
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Amount granted to the IAC Consortium
443.586,00 €

This subproject includes technological contributions and scientific preparations by IAC for the PLATO 2.0 mission. The technological contribution is of electronic engineering, with the development and delivery of the MEU-PSU, the power supplies units of PLATOs main electronic units. The requested project includes all tasks that remain pending in the IAC's technical participation in PLATO: the CDR (Critical Design Review) in 2021 which ends the missions phase C, and the delivery of the Flight-Modules (FM) and Flight-Spares (FS) of the MEU-PSU for integration into the MEU, all with required validations, during the first part of the missions phase D.

The scientific part of the project contains the coordination of several work packages (WP) of the PLATO consortium: Preparation for terrestrial observational follow-up; preparation for detection of circumbinary planets; corrections in the processing of L1 data; and participation in several more WPs. In addition, the project encompasses a series of objectives to advance on the best data already available from other missions, with the common objective of a preparation for an optimum scientific return in central themes of the PLATO mission. These objectives are: observation, analysis and characterization of candidates for planets of the Kepler/K2 and TESS missions; advances in the detection and understanding of circumbinary planets; studies of asteroseismology to improve the determination of mases, radios and stellar ages; and the improvement of age determinations of stars and binaries of low mass.

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MICIU_Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades