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How to be an astrophysicist

Steps to becoming an IAC astrophysicist

  1. Study Physics (first cycle) at any university offering courses. To find out how to study Physics at the University of La Laguna, contact the Astrophysics Department. (If you are a degree or engineering student with an interest in Astrophysics you can also consult the IAC summer grants programme IAC.)
  2. Specialise in Astrophysics (second cycle) at your university or at the University of La Laguna. You can study at ULL by requesting a rapid transfer and validation adjustment (you can also study other special subjects, but if you have a vocation in Astrophysics it is better to major in Physics and Mathematics. If you study at La Laguna you can use the IAC Library, perform experiments at the Observatorio del Teide on the island of Tenerife and get to know the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos on the island of La Palma. You will also be in the company of professional astrophysicists and, through the European Union ERASMUS programme, you will spend time at other European universities.
  3. Take a Masters Degree in Astrophysics. The University of La Laguna was one of the first to run this course. 60 credits will be validated if you took Astrophsyics as a special subject at ULL; up to 60 credits will be validated , on a case by case basis, if you took it at another university or took a different special subject or course of study. There are also agreements with other universities for credits to be validated where other Masters Degree courses have been followed.Please address enquiries to the ULL Astrophysics Department  (e-mail:
  4. Take a PhD.
  5. If you already are a Doctor of Astrophysics, view job opportunities for PhD Graduates.

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