Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades Gobierno de Canarias Universidad de La Laguna CSIC Centro de Excelencia Severo Ochoa

Infrastructures and resources

Instrumentation Area

Project Management Responsible for planning and managing technical projects. In close contact with the Principal Investigator, who has overall responsibility, the project managers coordinate the use of the resources assigned to the project by the various departments or operational services.

Software Department Designs and develops software applications, particularly for data acquisition, mechanism and system control, and data processing and analysis.

Electronics Department Designs and develops electronic systems. Mainly boards and, digital and analog systems for device control and real-time data acquisition and processing. The Department also develops systems for servo control and for reading, processing, controlling and characterising astronomical sensors.

  • Electronic Design Laboratory A general purpose facility for developing, integrating and testing electronic parts or instruments.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory An annex of the electronic design laboratory, this consists of a shielded chamber housing an electromagnetic interference analyser/receiver.

Optical Department Develops optical systems, particularly for telescopes and astronomical equipment for use in the visible spectrum and the infrared. Experienced in specifying, designing, integrating and testing optical systems including fibre optics applications in astronomy.

  • Optical Laboratory General purpose facility with cleanliness, humidity and temperature controls, used for assembling and testing visible and infrared optical systems.
  • Optical Coating Laboratory Facility for producing fine film deposits on surfaces (mirrors, filters etc). Has cleanliness, temperature and humidity control systems.
  • Fibre Optics Laboratory A facility for the preparation, characterisation and integration of fibre optics for use in astronomical instruments.

Mechanics Department Designs and develops mechanical systems for astrophysical instruments like telescopes, post-focus and space instruments. Specialises in machine part design, fabrication and quality control systems, structural calculation and design methods, cryogenics, vacuum technology, optomechanics and mechatronics. 

  • Mechanical Integration and Verification Laboratory General purpose facility for integrating and checking mechanical instruments.
  • CAD laboratory Houses the most powerful hardware and software applications for mechanical design, structural dynamic and thermal analysis and calculation with finite elements.

Technical Drawing Laboratory Responsible for ensuring that technical drawings comply with standard regulations before the production of parts begins. Produces three-dimensional views, solid models and mechanism and instrument designs.

Electronics Workshop Specialises in the manufacture and assembly of surface-mount technology (SMD) and conventional prototypes. Produces designs for power supplies, PAL and IFL programming, microcontrollers etc.

Mechanics Workshop Produces parts in steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, bronze, teflon and other metals. Also produces material and surface treatments.

  • Dimensional Meteorology Laboratory An annex of the Mechanics Workshop, which measures, calibrates and tests the dimensions, shape and surface quality of parts and components.

Instrument Maintenance Telescope and astronomical instrument maintenance. Also designs instrument improvements and has access to a wide range of instruments, enabling it to carry out electronic and mechanical repairs.

Large Instrument Assembly, Integration and Verification  Room Facility for mounting and testing large instruments. With a floor area of 540 square metres and 10 metres high, the laboratory is a 100000 class cleanroom and will house  two GTC rotator simulators. The AIV room is an annex of the Mechanics Workshop.

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