Social Events

Monday: welcome Cocktail


Is there a better way to start a conference than with a cocktail?

Yes, to start the conference with a cocktail and...tapas!

Place: Caprichos de La Gomera restaurant,  Paseo Fred Olsen, 38800 San Sebastián de La Gomera





Tuesday: visit to the Garajonay National Park


On Tuesday we will have a guided excursion (including a not very demanding walk) to the  Garajonay National Park, a very impressive humid sub-tropical forest declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The walk is only ~50 min long through a nice trail that goes down very smoothly. It probably can be done wearing sandals but we recommend sport shoes as it is a humid forest. For the same reason, we also advice to take a thin jacket with you. We will enjoy a small picnic at the end of the walk.

Meeting point: Bus station at 14:30!!


Wednesday: conference dinner


The conference dinner will be held on Wednesday evening in El Parador de La Gomera, where we will try a variety of traditional dishes combined with marvelous views to the ocean, Tenerife island (volcano El Teide) and the village of San Sebastián.




Friday: boat excursion 


On Friday afternoon, and after the conference closure, we will have an excursion by boat to discover the spectacular south coast of La Gomera. It will be ~3 hours long and we will have the possibilty to swim. It might be a good idea to take an snorkeling mask with you if you fancy this activity.  The ocean is usually (very) quiet in September in La Gomera and sea sickness should not be a problem. Nevertheless, keep some pills handy if you happen to suffer from this.