"The history of astronomy is a history of receding horizons"

- Edwin Hubble –

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  • Sculptor dwarf
    Dwarf galaxies: key laboratories for the study of dark matter
  • The students from Barlovento, with Gloria Andreuzzi, the first to come back to the Observatory
    The educational programme “ Our students and the Roque de los Muchachos” is starting up again
  • 1ES 1927+654
    Astronomers observe potential magnetic flip around a supermassive black hole
  • Rocky planets
    Astronomers discover a four-planet system with a peculiar migration process
  • Iglesia Camino de Santiago
    The cultural and sky landscape of the Way of Saint James


  • Six Summer Grants at IAC Astronomical Research (PS-2022-021)

    SIX SUMMER GRANTS AT IAC ASTRONOMICAL RESEARCH (PS-2022-021) The IAC (Tenerife, Spain) invites applications for SIX Summer Grants in Astrophysics The research topics pursued at the IAC include most

  • One Postdoctoral Contract Characterization of Amino Acids 2022 (PS-2022-019)

    The IAC (Tenerife) announces ONE postdoctoral contract to work on topics within the project “Search and Characterization of Amino Acids in Stellar Formation Regions" (ProID2021010078), led by Dr