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Symposium 241

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Spectral synthesis in the near UV (3000--4500 \AA)
Rodolfo Smiljanic and Beatriz Barbuy

A database of molecular and spectral lines was prepared and a high resolution (steps of 0.02 \AA), high spectral coverage (0.3--1.8 $\mu$m) synthetic stellar spectra library made available (Coelho et al.\@ 2005) to be used in the study of stellar populations. Here, we critically review and discuss the robustness of our capabilities in calculating synthetic spectra in the near UV (3000--4500 \AA). A special emphasis is given to the discussion of the molecular database and the calculation of the continuous opacities by comparison with observed stellar spectra. We also discuss our recent and future efforts on the improvement of the calculations in this spectral region.

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