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Symposium 241

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Linestrengths in late-type spiral galaxies observed with SAURON
Katia Ganda, Reynier Peletier, Jesus Falcon-Barroso

Late-type spiral galaxies (types later than Sb) remain still relatively unexplored objects, due to their low surface brightness and to the complexity of their inner regions, which can host multiple components and substructures such as nuclear star clusters, star forming rings, inner bars, as shown by recent space-based imagig surveys. We are engaged in a project devoted to the investigation of the stellar and gaseous kinematics and the stellar populations of a sample of 18 Sb-Sd galaxies, that we observed with the integral-field spectrograph SAURON. The SAURON spectra cover a wavelength region including the $H\beta$, MgB, Fe5015 absorption features. Here we present the absorption linestrength maps for our galaxies. We measure several age, metallicity and abundance ratio sensitive Lick indices in a region including both bulge and disk. These stellar population parameters will be used to infer conclusions about the formation of bulges and disks in late-type spiral galaxies.

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