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Symposium 241

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Integrated spectroscopy and individual spectra of stars of open cluster remnants and candidates
D.B. Pavani, A.V. Ahumada, E. Bica, J.J. Clariá

The integrated light of open cluster remnants is expected to be similar to that of open clusters of comparable age. Despite erosion of the mass function in remnants as a consequence of dynamical evolution, the integrated spectrum could still be similar as long as a sufficient number of brighter stars remain. In the present work we employ integrated spectroscopy and individual spectra of stars to analyze a sample of open cluster remnants and candidates, previously classified as open clusters. The objects are underpopulated with respect to usual open clusters, but they show a significant density contrast of brighter stars as compared to the Galactic field. The spectroscopic observations were carried out with the 2.15-m telescope at CASLEO (San Juan/Argentina) in the range 3800-6800 Å. Using a stellar template library for individual spectra of stars, and integrated star cluster templates for integrated observations, we derive foreground interstellar reddening values and age. We find for most of the sample that the derived properties are compatible with expectations for an open cluster remnants.

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