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Symposium 241

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A wide field survey of Sagittarius dearf Spheroidal galaxy (Sgr dSph). I. Data and tools for the study of the Sagittarius Tidal Stream.
M. Correnti, M. Bellazzini, F.R. Ferraro., L. Monaco

We present deep B,V,I photometry of three wide fields within the core radius of the Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal galaxy (Sgr dSph). The survey reaches $V\simeq 23.5$ and covers a total area of 1.5 deg$^2$. We describe the observations and data reductions and we discuss the comparison with existing photometries and all the internal and external quality checks of the survey. We present the Color Magnitude Diagram (CMD) for all the Sgr fields as well as for a Control Field taken for statistical decontamination of the Sgr CMDs. We provide accurate templates for same well identified sequences of the CMD of the galaxy (Blue HB, Red HB, ecc.), as tools to recognize portions of the tidal Stream detected by various survey, to compare the stellar populations in the main body of Sgr and in its Stream, and to derive accurate distances to Stream stars.

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