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Symposium 241

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Deep photometry of the Galactic globular cluster NGC 2419
Di Criscienzo M., Greco C., Clementini G., Ripepi V., Baldacci L., Dall'Ora M., Di Fabrizio L., Marconi M., Musella I.

NGC 2419 is one of the most distant, luminous and metal poor globular cluster in the Milky Way. Deep CMDs along with a complete census of the variable star population are invaluable tools to understand the cluster true nature and to check whether NGC 2419 could be the relic of an extragalactic system acreted by the Milky Way. In their photographic study Pinto & Rosino (1977) identified 30 RR Lyrae in NGC 2419. We present deep B,V time-series CCD observations of the cluster collected at a number of ground-based telescopes, along with HST archival data. Photometric reduction were performed with Daophot-Allstar-Allframe. Variable stars were identified with the image subtraction technique. We detected a great deal of new variables more then doubling the number of known variable stars in NGC 2419.Light curves and pulsational properties of the cluster variable star content are shown and discussed in detail.

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