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Symposium 241

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Access to Stellar Population Models in the Virtual Observatory
Igor Chilingarian

A great effort is being made by the international Virtual Observatory community to build tools ready to be used by scientists. Presently, providing access to theoretical spectra in general, and synthetic spectra of galaxies in particular, is a matter of current interest in the Virtual Observatory. Several ways of accessing such spectra are available. We present two of them for computing PEGASE.HR evolutionary synthesis models: HTTP-access to a limited number of parameters using Simple Spectral Access Protocol (SSAP), and full-featured WEB-service based access using Common Execution Architecture (CEA). The advantage of SSAP is a simplicity of the access interface, and availability of several web-based java client applications: ESA VOSpec and STScI Specview. This approach is good for taking a quick look at model spectra and fast visual comparison with the observations. On the other hand, CEA, a generic interface for accessing any command-line and HTTP applications as WEB-services allows to exploit all the functionalities of PEGASE.HR in an interoperable way. In addition, results of modelling can be stored on the VOSpace (storage area of a VO user) or used as parts of more complex data analysis workflows. Both approaches can be used on the scripting level with various programming languages like Perl, Python, Java, C/C++ using open-source Astrogrid ACR library.

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