Poster abstract

Validation of CME detection software (CACTus) by means of synthetic data from numerical simulations
K. Bonte, E. Robbrecht, A. De Groof, D. Berghmans, S. Poedts


In the context of Space Weather forecasting, the automated detection of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) becomes more and more important in efficiently handling the large data flow which is expected from recently launched and future missions. In this project we study the detection software package “CACTus”, developed by colleagues from the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB), by applying the program on synthetic data from mathematical CME simulations, instead of on observational data. Main strength of this study is that we know in advance what should be detected. We describe the sensitivities and strengths of automated detection, more specific for the CACTus program, resulting in a better understanding of detection on one hand and suggesting possible improvements of the software on the other hand.