Poster abstract

Flux Emergence In the Photosphere - Diagnostics Based On 3D Radiation-MHD Simulations
Lotfi Yelles Chaouche, Mark Cheung, Fernando Moreno Insertis, Sami Solanki, Manfred SchŁssler, Andreas Lagg


We investigate the observational signature of flux emergence in the photosphere. We generate a synthetic Stokes data calculated in 3D MHD simulations and compare it with observations. Two scenarios are considered: 1) The emergence of a twisted magnetic flux tube through the solar surface. We study different stages in the emergence process, starting from the early appearance of the flux tube at the solar surface. At every stage we compute Fe I 6301.5 Ň and Fe I 6302.5 Ň, and degrade the data to typical spatial resolution of Hinode $)B°«s SP at 630 mn. Then, following observational practice, we apply Milne-Eddington-type inversions to the synthetic spectra in order to retrieve different atmospheric parameters. We compare the results with the observations of Okamoto et al. 2008. 2) The emergence of small scale (granule size) flux elements. We investigate several examples of small loop-like magnetic structures found in low-twist flux emergence simulations. Their observational signature is compared here with Hinode/SP observations.