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IAC Postdoctoral Research Excellence Program 2016

26 Feb. 2016

The Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) announces the availability in 2016 of 14 fellowships as part of its PostDoctoral Research Program, most of them within the Severo Ochoa Excellence Program

The IAC Research Division is organized in five main research areas, encompassing all the major fields of astrophysics. Each area will offer one 5-year contract for Advanced Fellows. The rest of the positions will be for a duration of 3 years (8 positions) and 2.5 years (1 position).

The IAC Researchers have access to outstanding state of the art astronomical facilities, including the Observatorios de Canarias and the ESO Observatories, and also to the supercomputing facilities of the RES (Spanish Supercomputing Network).
Participation in several ongoing and future space missions is also possible. 

Solar Physics
Stellar and Interstellar Physics
Formation and Evolution of Galaxies
Exoplanetary Systems and Solar System
Cosmology and Astroparticles

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IAC Research Division;

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