"Most scientific discoveries are like ripe fruit. They fall, and don't need much looking for. The merit is to find the right tree to lean on."

- Guido Münch. In Memoriam - 

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  • Scheme which represents the origin of phosphorus on Earth, with respect to possible stellar sources of phosphorus in our Galaxy. Credit: Gabriel Pérez Díaz, SMM (IAC).
    Stars rich in phosphorus: seeds of life in the universe
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    Communiqué from the IAC. Telescopes of the ASTRI project
  • Image illustrating the comparison between an active spiral galaxy (orange box) and its non-active twin (blue box). Credit: Gabriel Pérez Díaz, SMM (IAC).
    Differences between the discs of active and non-active galaxies detected for the first time
  • Collage of photos of the virtual course "Astronomy Education Adventure in the Canary Islands 2020"
    The IAC's most international astronomical adventure comes to an end
  • Image of those attending the Governing Council held today at the IAC headquarters. Credit: Inés Bonet (IAC).
    Pedro Duque attends the “official opening” of IACTEC and presides over the Governing Council of the IAC



    The IAC (Tenerife, Spain) invites applications for SIX PhD fellowships in Astrophysics. 1.- Astrophysical Research (5 contracts) 2.- Astrophysical Instrumentation (1 contract) Candidates can only

  • PS-2020-025 Un contrato postdoctoral Astronomo IAC-NOT/One Postdoctoral contract Astronomo IAC-NOT

    The IAC (Tenerife) announces ONE postdoctoral contract to work on topics within the research and technical project “Remote and/or robotic operation of the OOCC telescope”, led by Dr. Alejandro Oscoz