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Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos


General public


  • Content of a visit: Visitors will be shown the Observatory facilities and the interior of one telescope and an explanation of their working will be given (which telescopes are chosen will depend on their availability). The total visit will last 70-90 minutes. Nocturnal visits are not permitted.
  • Time of visits: All year round, telescope operation and weather conditions permitting.
  • Visiting days: consult availables days at the corresponding form
  • Age of visitors (1): The minimum age for visitors to the ORM is 12 years. Guides may request to see identification documents (passport/DNI/Family Book) as proof of the age of minors before a visit takes place.

In any case, minors will not be admmitted unless accompanied by an adult.

  • Number of persons per visit: No more than 25.
  • Health of visitors: The ORM is located 2400 metres above sea level. At this altitude, the oxygen content of the air is noticeably reduced. It is therefore recommended that persons with anaemia, babies, the aged and those with physical problems – especially those suffering from heart and respiratory problems – avoid making visits to the Observatory site. In case of doubt, please consult your doctor.

The ORM does not have medical assistance available in its installations.

Bear in mind that the nearest hospital is an hour and a half’s drive away by car.

Liabilities: The ORM takes no responsibility for any deterioration in health related to altitude, age over 70 years old or resulting from non-observance of our recomendation and warnings (pdf).


Unforeseen circumstances might lead to your visit being cancelled up to a day before the assigned date (or even on the same day2). In any such case we would contact you as soon as possible.

Queries and cancellations: please contact us by telephone or email as indicated in Visits to the ORM.

(1)    For reasons of security, some telescopes do not admit minors; for this reason, only children over the age of twelve are allowed.

(2)    Your visit may be unexpectedly cancelled by the ORM owing to the unforeseen operational needs of the telescopes or adverse meteorological conditions (snow, ice, rockfalls) affecting the safety and accessibility of roads leading to the Observatory.


At the end of your visit, please inform us about your satisfaction with the received service through the following questionnaire:

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