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Grants and contracts

Doctoral grants and contracts

IAC Doctoral Contracts: Resident Astrophysicist Positions

Grants arising from International Agreements with the IAC: International Grants

Other grants: Private Researcher Training Grants (FPI) and Training Grants for University Teachers (FPU)

External grants

External grants are grants that do not fall into any of the categories above. They must meet the following requirements:

  • Economic conditions similar to the Resident Astrophysicist, FPI and FPU grants
  • A duration of at least four years
  • Allow exclusive concentration on activities conducive to the completion of a PhD thesis during their whole duration.

The selection process for grants and the thesis subject assignment procedure are as follows:

External Grants Selection Process

  • IAC doctorates with an external grant are open to unsuccessful applicants for Resident Astrophysicist and International Grants who are considered suitable for admission with an External Grant.
  • Other graduates with an External Grant who have not previously applied for a Resident Astrophysicist Grant may also be accepted as doctoral students if the Teaching Committee considers that s/he possesses a CV of a similar quality to those considered in the category above.

Thesis subject assignment procedures

Once Resident Astrophysicists have decided on a project, those with an External Grant may choose from the remaining proposals made by the researchers of the Investigation and Teaching Commissions.

Doctorates without grant

Under exceptional circumstances and in strictly limited numbers, it is possible to follow a PhD course without a grant. In such cases access can only be given to a computer account and the IAC library.

There may also be students who do not require these resources or who already have access to them by other means. This may be the case for some students with international grants (awarded by the IAC for completion of a thesis abroad) who are presenting their thesis at the IAC for some reason.

In all cases, including where IAC/DA resources are not being used, admission of the thesis project and, if it proceeds, the doctoral thesis itself will be at the discretion of the Department. 

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