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IACTEC: Technological and business collaboration space

About us


Strategic partners and alliances

IACTEC is an initiative born with the essential support of public and private bodies such as:

  • The Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.
  • The Canarian Research, Development and Innovation Agency and Information Society (ACIISI).
  • The Local Government (Cabildo) of Tenerife.
  • The Science and Technology Park of Tenerife (PCTT).
  • La Laguna Town Hall.
  • The University of La Laguna (ULL).
  • The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC).
  • The Spanish Science Industry Association (INEUSTAR).

The IACTEC team

IACTEC has  a highly qualified team of professionals in the fields of engineering and science integrated within the structure of the IAC. It has the technical support of the Institute, particularly the Instrumentation Division, which has 30 years' technical knowledge in developing cutting-edge technology.

The "Área Tenerife 2030: Innovación, Educación, Cultura y Deportes" belonging to the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, has financed the employment of IACTEC´s researchers in the programmes "Microsatellites" and "Medical Technology" through the "IACTEC Technological Training" project.

Tenerife 2030 MEDI FDCAN GobCan

This project has as its aims to:

  • Bring new technological skills to the IAC and its collaborative business environment in the market for advanced scientific instrumentation.
  • Generate human resources in engineering to enable existing and newly created businesses to surge forward with the encouragement and help of IACTEC.
  • Select first rate engineers and scientists of great development potential and train them as the first personnel integrated into IACTEC.

Privileged location

From 2018 onwards, IACTEC will be located in the new Science Park of La Laguna, close to the IAC and the University campuses of the city. It will comprise a purpose-built headquarters (now under construction) that will offer businesses a space of more than 4000 m2, equipped with infrastructure, including offices, meeting rooms, clean rooms, multipurpose laboratories, storage areas, computer rooms, common areas, and underground parking.

The building will be integrated in a 30,000 m2 space, shared with other buildings for business and technological use ("Nanosustain" of the ULL), and an urban park with sports facilities, children's play spaces and 13,000 m2 of green space.

Until the inauguration of its new headquarters, IACTEC will form part of IAC Headquarters in La Laguna and will share facilities with Grantecan, S.A.

Contact us

We would be delighted to receive consultations and suggestions from you. Our e-mail addresses are listed below. For general queries, please contact the Technical Manager. If you want to phone us, dial 922 605200 and key in our personal extensions. To visit IACTEC, please call first and, once you have been given an appointment, call at IAC Headquarters, and you will be directed to the joint Grantecan S.A./IACTEC building. We are on the upper floor.

Name Post EXT. E-Mail
Carlos Colodro Conde IACTEC Ingeniero Electrónica Micro-Satélites 5797
Samuel Sordo Ibáñez IACTEC Ingeniero Electrónica Micro-Satélites 5806
Sergio Velasco Muñoz IACTEC Ingeniero Óptica Micro-Satélites 5795
Lucía Suárez Andrés IACTEC Ingeniero Óptica Micro-Satélites 5796
José Carlos Sanluis Leal IACTEC Ingeniero Electrónica Micro-Satélites 5794
Lourdes Garrido Rey IACTEC - Gestión Administrativa 5801
Enrique Villa Benito IACTEC Ingeniero Electrónica Tecnología Médica 5799
Laura Feria del Rosario TFG ULL Ingeniería Mecánica 5800
Silvia García Hernández Prácticas Externas ULL Ingeniería Electrónica 5800 
Francisco Javier Aragunde IACTEC  Ingeniero Electrónica CTA 5800
Alberto Franco IACTEC Ingeniero Mecánico CTA 5800
Jorge Quintero Nehrkorn IACTEC Ingeniero Informático Tecnología Médica 5798
Yolanda Martín Hernando IACTEC   Ingeniera Electro-Óptica 5802
Thomas Schweizer Project Scientist  CTA 5803
Javier Herrera Llorente IACTEC Gestor  CTA 5810
Juan Ruíz Alzola IACTEC IP Tecnología Médica 5805
Antonio Maudes IACTEC  Responsable Legal Económico  5804
Alfonso Ynigo IACTEC Ingeniero Sistemas Micro-Satélites 5807
Pablo Redondo Caicoya IACTEC Responsable Técnico Administrativo 5312

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