“The absolute by its very rigidity drives our thought towards the sky and makes it float in limitless space. But nothing is better than dreaming to engender the future.”

- Victor Hugo, Les Misérables -

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  • TOI-178
    Astronomers discover a surprising system of six exoplanets which orbit rhythmically
  • Lanzamiento de DRAGO
    Successful launch of DRAGO, IACTEC’s first infrared camera
  • Presentation of the video recorded by the Tenerife Symphony at the Grantecan. Credit: Cabildo de La Palma
    The Gran Telescopio Canarias observes Beethoven’s musical universe
  • HST imaging and narrow and broad components ALMA maps of ID2299. The top-left panel shows the HST-F814W imaging of the source, sampling the UV rest-frame emission from young stars. The top (bottom) rows show the CO(2-1), CO(5-4), [CI](2-1) and CO(7-6) ALMA maps of the narrow (broad) emission
    A challenge to models of star-formation truncation in massive galaxies
  • Composition of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn , with the Moon. Credit: Daniel López and Alfred Rosenberg/IAC
    The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn: astronomical event of the year


  • Dos contratos - Administrativo/a - Modalidad Fijo Laboral. PS-2020-053

    RESOLUCIÓN del Director del Consorcio Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias por la que se convoca proceso selectivo para el ingreso, como personal laboral fijo, de dos puestos de trabajo con la