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Grants and Jobs

Joining or visiting the IAC

You have been awarded a postdoctoral position to be carried out at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias’ (IAC) headquarters in La Laguna, or at any of its two international observatories (Teide Observatory on Tenerife and Roque de los Muchachos Observatory on La Palma), or you will just stay among us for a short period of time. In this case, this guide will help you with useful information before you travel.

Just have a look at our website to get familiarized with us: 


  • If being an EU citizen: You do not need a VISA to enter Spain but just a legar passport in force.


  • If belonging to a non-EU country: You need to report to the Spanish Consulate/Embassy that has jurisdiction over your residence in order to apply for a Schengen VISA.  Bear in mind that the duration of this VISA is of three months and you have no longer than this period to apply for the documentation you need to live and work in Spain (N.I.E., residence card, waiver of the working licence). This can only be done upon arrival on Tenerife. You will be advised by our Manager for Foreigner Affairs, contracted by the IAC to deal with this kind of burocratic matters. If you are the successful candidate to join one of our postdoctoral positions, don't worry, the Secretariat of the Research Division will be in touch with you during the whole process.
Transport personal belongings

If you wish to send personal belongings to Tenerife, the steps to follow are: Prepare a list of the contents of the crates, boxes etc. you are sending, assigning items an approximate value.  Make sure that the company transporting your belongings informs you adequately about the conditions of shipment and what exactly is included in the price (normally they fail to inform customers about the additional charges incurred upon arrival at our port, during unloading and at the customs office).  These costs depend on the value and the weight of the goods. The unloading and wharf occupation rates vary depending on the agent and on how long the merchandise remains undispatched (we cannot indicate in advance how much this will amount to).  Furthermore, you have to add the transport costs from the wharf/airport to where the merchandise will be dispatched.  These charges depend on the weight per volume and on distance (Km) for local transfer.

In the event of Pinging a car with you, you should present its original documents.

For any further detailed information you might need, please do not hesitate to contact our Export/Import Dpt. (compras at

Flights to Tenerife

Online information about flights arriving at or departing from Madrid, Barcelona and TFS airports can be obtained at:

Flight companies to travel to Teneriffe: IBERIA (, AIR EUROPE ( y SPANAIR: (  But there also exist many other charter flight companies which offer very interesting cheap flights.

The Canary Islands have excellent air connections to continental Europe and the UK. There are scheduled flights between Tenerife and the major Spanish cities, as well as to a number of European destinations. There are charter flights to more than a hundred foreign destinations. The flying time from Madrid to Tenerife is approximately 2.5 hours. Flights to other western European capitals take between 3.5 and 4.5 hours.

Tenerife has two airports, one in the north, Tenerife Norte (TFN), also known as Los Rodeos Airport, and the other in the south, Tenerife Sur (TFS), also known as Reina Sofia Airport. The airport code to search for connections to Tenerife at either airport is TCI. We recommend using the North Airport (TFN, Los Rodeos), as it is much closer to the conference venue. Two fast, toll-free motorways (TF1 and TF5) link the north and south sides of the island, providing for fast transfers between the two airports and Puerto de la Cruz.


How do I reach the IAC headquarters? 

Map Tenerife

Public Transport (guagua and tram)

The public transport service in Tenerife is called TITSA and the company's buses are painted pistachio green (guaguas A bono-bus may be purchased if you wish to use any line on a daily/weekly basis, obtaining a considerable discount on the normal price.  They can be obtained at any of the bus stations and/or at the kiosks.

We have now also a tram service, depending from the Cabildo de Tenerife, but this connection only links Santa Cruz (the capital) and La Laguna, and has several stops within each of these cities:

There are periodical services to and from the South Airport (Reina Sofia), in conjunction with Iberia arrivals. The bus stop is outside the national arrivals area of the building, behind the Taxi rank. The price of a one way ticket to the main bus terminal in Santa Cruz is about 5 Euros. Then the best thing to do is to take a taxi to the IAC or the hotel (probably hotel Nivaria). This will cost about 15 Euros. If you prefer the bus, take the La Laguna directo (bus nº 15). Map buslines

If you arrive at the North Airport (Los Rodeos), the bus stop is outside the building. There’s a bus to La Laguna every 30 min (nº 102).


  • If arriving at the South Airport and you need to take a taxi to the IAC (La Laguna) the cost is around 70 Euros (1 hour drive).
  • If arriving at the North Airport and you want to take a taxi to the IAC (10 min drive) the cost is about 10 Euros.

Car Rentals

If you wish to hire a car, at a very good rate, we recommend you to use the services of CICAR or AutoReisen. You may find the CICAR desk at the airport hall. The rate is around 30 euros/day, or as low as 100 euros for a full week, full insurance included.

At the IAC headquarters

Security Guard

There is a security guard at the gate of the IAC’s main entrance door during 24h seven days a week.  If he is not in the guard house when you arrive, just ring the bell you will find near the gate.  It may take some time until he arrives as he might be on inspection round. 


The staff at the reception desk will receive you at the reception from 08:00 till 19:00, from Monday to Friday.  They will attend your queries such as phone-calles, code for the copy machine, courier, posting, etc.

Secretariat Research Division

Staff at the Secretariat will hand you everything you need upon arrival, such as the checking card, the key of your office, username of your computer account, detailed documentation, advisement in regard to the documentation you will need to apply for to live and work on Tenerife. Also, they are in charge to help you with your flight tickets for observing runs, attend conferences and stays at other research centres (OD), either for you or visitors which stay at the IAC to collaborate within the framework of your project (BVV).

Last updated: March 2016- Email: secinv [at]

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