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PP 010004

The asteroseismic potential of Kepler: first results for solar-type stars

Chaplin(1) et al. incl Creevey O., García R. (4), Pallé P. L., Régulo C., Roca Cortés T., Salabert D., Uytterhoeven K (4).
(1) University of Birmingham, (2) IAC, (3) ULL, (4) CEA-Paris
We present preliminary asteroseismic results from Kepler on three G-type stars. The observations, made at one-minute cadence during the first 33.5d of science operations, reveal high signal-to-noise solar-like oscillation spectra in all three stars: About 20 modes of oscillation may be clearly distinguished in each star. We discuss the appearance of the oscillation spectra, use the frequencies and frequency separations to provide first results on the radii, masses and ages of the stars, and comment in the light of these results on prospects for inference on other solar-type stars that Kepler will observe.

Aceptado para publicación en ApJL | Enviado el 2010-01-25 | Proyecto 310800