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Astrophysics research results

In this gallery of astrophysics research results you will find information on some of the most outstanding scientific advances made by IAC researchers. They have been selected by the IAC's Head of Research and are based on scientific articles that have either already been published in high-prestige scientific research journals or are currently in the press.

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  • TrES-2 Author/s: Francis T. O’Donovan, David Charbonneau, Georgi Mandushev, Edward W. Dunham,David W. Latham, Guillermo Torres,3 Alessandro Sozzetti, Timothy M. Brown, John T. Trauger, Juan A. Belmonte, Markus Rabus, Jose´ M. Almenara,Roi Alonso, Hans J. Deeg, Gilbert A. Esquerdo, Emilio E. Falco, Lynne A. Hillenbrand, Anna Roussanova, Robert P. Stefanik and Joshua N. Winn Reference: The Astrophysical Journal, 651: L61–L64, 2006 November 1 | Link
  • Search for and analysis of IR clouds Author/s: Ref. 1: RSG1 (Donald F. Figer, John W. MacKenty, Massimo Robberto, Kester Smith, Francisco Najarro, Rolf P. Kudritzki, and Artemio Herrero ) - Ref. 2: ID066 (Herrero et al.) Reference: Ref. 1: The Astrophysical Journal, 643:1166–1179, 2006 June 1 | Link
  • Stars rich in rubidium Author/s: García-Hernández, D. A.; García-Lario, P.; Plez, B.; D'Antona, F.; Manchado, A.; Trigo-Rodríguez, J. M. Reference: Science 15 December 2006: 1751-1754 | Link
  • Variability in the Orion nebula Author/s: Leonel Gutiérrez, Corrado Giammanco and John E. Beckman Reference: Proceedings IAU Symposium No. 237, 2006| PDF
  • Galaxy fusion provides an explanation for asymmetrical stellar velocities in elliptical galaxies Author/s: A. César González-García, Marc Balcells, Vyacheslav S. Olshevsky Reference: Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 372, L78–L82 (2006) | Link

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