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Astrophysics research results

In this gallery of astrophysics research results you will find information on some of the most outstanding scientific advances made by IAC researchers. They have been selected by the IAC's Head of Research and are based on scientific articles that have either already been published in high-prestige scientific research journals or are currently in the press.

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  • PARTICLE ASROPHYSICS. Author/s: Aliu, al (incluye: Costado, M. T.; Delgado Mendez, C.; Dominguez, A.; Garcia Lopez, R. J.; Gaug, M.; Herrero, A.) Reference: 2008. Observation of Pulsed γ-Rays Above 25 GeV from the Crab Pulsar with MAGIC. Science, 322, 1221A.
  • NUMERICAL SIMULATION OF ASTROPHYSICAL PROCESSES Author/s: Moreno-Insertis, F.; Galsgaard, K.; Ugarte-Urra, I. Reference: Jets in Coronal Holes: Hinode Observations and Three-dimensional Computer Modeling. The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 673, Issue 2, pp. L211-L214. Bibcode: 2008ApJ...673L.211M
  • HIGH RESOLUTION IN SOLAR PHYSICS. Author/s: Bonet, J. A.; Márquez, I.; Sánchez Almeida, J.; Cabello, I.; Domingo, V. Reference: 2008, Convectively Driven Vortex Flows in the Sun, The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 687, Issue 2, pp. L131-L134.
  • PHYSICAL STUDY OF PLANETARY NEBULAE. Author/s: Iglesias-Groth, S., Manchado, A., García-Hernández, D.A., González Hernández, J.I., & Lambert, D.L. Reference: 2008, ApjL, 685, L55.
  • STELLAR TIDAL STREAMS IN THE MILKY WAY. Author/s: D. Martínez Delgado, A. Sollima, J.R. Fliri, J.A. Carballo Bello Reference: 3I2306
  • NATURE AND EVOLUTION OF X-RAY BINARIES. Author/s: Castro-Tirado et al. Reference: Nature, Volume 455, Issue 7212, pp. 506-509 (2008).

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