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Activity Phenomena in Galaxies: a 3D Perspective from the Nucleus to the Outskirt (P301404).


Begoña García Lorenzo, José Antonio Acosta Pulido, Ismael García Bernete, Evencio Mediavilla Gradolph, Ignacio del Moral Castro, Ana Monreal Ibero

Colaboradores del IAC: Andrés Asensio Ramos, María Jesús Martínez González, Jesús Falcón Barroso, Julio Alberto Castro Almazán, John E. Beckman, Giuseppina Battaglia

A. Alonso Herrero (IFCA, Spain); C. Tadhunter (Univ. Sheffield); C. Packham (Univ. Texas at San Antonio); R. López (IEEC, UB, Spain); L. Marina Cairós (Freelance, Germany); S.F. Sánchez (UNAM); S. Arribas, M. Villar Martín, J. Piqueras (CAB-CSIC, Spain), J. Barrera Ballesteros (Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts and Sciences), Á. López Sánchez (Australian Astronomical Observatory), N. Thatte (Univ. Oxford), E. López Rodríguez (SOFIA/NASA), P. Bessiere (Universidad Católica de Chile), M. Ward and H. Landt (Durham University), N. Levenson (Space Telescope), O. González Martín (CRyA, UAM).


This project has two lines of fundamental development; on one hand, the application of 3D techniques, in particular of integral field spectroscopy, to the study of extended objects (activity in galaxies, star formation regions, etc.), as well as the participation in the development of new instruments and data analysis procedures related to 3D technique. On the other hand, the scientific exploitation of the GTC observations of active galaxies (AGN) obtained with the infrared instruments CanariCam and EMIR. The data are being used to characterize the dusty torus that obscures local AGN, as well as to study the extended emission of active galaxies. This extended mid-infrared emission can be produced by the AGN itself or by star formation in the host galaxy. Moreover, part of this project is devoted to get observing time with the JWST as part of the GATOS consortium, as well as to exploit on-going ALMA observations of nearby AGN.


During 2016 the AGN scientific team for the instrument CanariCam/GTC have continued publishing works based on guaranteed time and ESO/GTC observations. In particular, our group has led the publication García-Bernete et al. (2016). This work is a study of the nuclear and extended IR emission of a complete sample of Seyfert galaxies. Other papers published by members of the team are Alonso-Herrero et al. (2016a, 2016b) y Lopez-Rodriguez et al. (2016), and we have already submitted a mid-IR study of QSOs observed with CanariCam and led by Mariela Martínez Paredes.

C. Ramos Almeida is the 3rd author of a letter presenting new ALMA cycle 2 observations of the galaxy NGC 1068, showing for the first time an image of the dusty and molecular torus (García Burillo et al. 2016). This torus is the masterpiece of the unified model of AGN, and due to its small size, it could have not been resolved until the arrival of ALMA.

C. Ramos Almeida gave an invited talk "JWST: internal structure in galaxies" as part of a special session on the JWST at the meeting of the SEA in Bilbao in July 2016. She was also invited to give a colloquium at the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh in October 2016, and has participated in the TAC of ALMA to evaluate cycle 4 proposals. Finally, she has been co-chair of the EWASS 2016 symposium “Stellar and AGN feedback in galaxies: a multi-wavelength perspective of outflows”, held in Athens in July 2016.

B. García-Lorenzo is co-author of the third and last data release paper of the CALIFA Survey (Sánchez et al. 2016), and she has participated in a paper studying the Tully-Fisher relation from CALIFA stellar kinematics. Moreover, she contributed to several technical works related to the development of the HARMONI instrument that were presented during the SPIE conference on astronomical instrumentation.

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