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Technological Development Projects


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(Full Disc Imager) - A symbiotic telescope adapted for installation at the Solar Laboratory. The telescope design will be changed from a narrow tube to a closed aluminium box to make optical alignment, screening diffuse light and fixing mechanical devices (including the filter wheel) easier.


As a result of the closure of the VNT solar telescope at the OT, it was suggested that the simbiotic telescope should be relocated so that it could continue to function as a variable wavelength entire solar disc imaging system. The site chosen was the Solar Laboratory (Pyramid). The simbiotic telescope will be installed as a horizontal optical system on one of the optical benches and will be fed by a coelostat. This arrangement will avoid many of the mechanical and optical problems of diffuse light that were inherent in the previous design. Instead of a narrow tube, the telescope will be a closed aluminium box which will be much better for baffling diffuse light, provide much stronger mechanical fixing points (including for the filter wheel) and achieve better optical alignment.

Principal Investigator:José A. Bonet

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