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Adaptive Optics with FPGAs

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A project for the technological demonstration of the use of FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array) in the field of adaptive optics systems.


This is an internal project to demonstrate applications for FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) devices in the field of adaptive optics. Project activities include the simulation of wavefront estimation algorythms in MATLAB, the electronic design of an image processor for a Shack-Hartmann type wavefront detector, deformable mirror actuator control and the production of a complete system prototype in the laboratory using only FPGAs.

In August 2005 the control ribbon was closed for the first time and preliminary results were presented to the SPIE Congress in San Diego (USA).

The project has been extended into 2006 in order to conduct real tests with the OGS telescope in Izaña.

From 2007 on the know-how resulting from this development project was used within the EDIFISE project, which has an initial section of adaptive optics based in FPGA technology. This section features an independent realtime control of both a tip-tilt mirror and a 11x11 actuator deformable mirror.

Manager: Luis F. Rodríguez

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