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Optical instrumentation

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Automatic Seeing Monitor. Improvement and modernisation of the seeing monitor, which was developed at the IAC and has been in regular use since 1995.

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In order to obtain a permanent evaluation for the astro-meteorologic relevant parameters of the observatories located in the Canary Islands (ORM and OT), and with the know-how available from the seeing monitor developed at IAC and working since 1995, a set of two DIMMA systems has been installed in both observatories, with a number of improvements which provide a qualitative step forward regarding their scientific use.

The systems feature a dome control designed for "High availability", intended to guarantee to a very high probability its correct behaviour, specifically in the case of failure of any of the subsystems, like the power supply or the communication links, and of course during bad weather episodes. The systems will be operated remotely by telescope night assistants located at The Observatorio del Teide.

Principal Investigator: Casiana Muñoz

Co-Investigator: Antonia M. Varela, Julio Castro-Almazán

Manager: Antonia M. Varela

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