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Bibliographical Data

Accessible only through the internal web of the IAC:

  • ISI WEB OF KNOWLEDGE: Contains such databases as the Science Citation Index, Current Contents, the Derwent Innovations Index, Current Chemical Reactions (CCR), Index Chemicus (IC) ISI Proceedings (SM). Allows access to Journal Citation Reports, which contains journal impact factors and ISI Essential Science Indicators (SM).
  • PROLA: Physical Review Online Archive (American Physical Society) contains the complete text of nearly all the articles in Physical Review from 1893 to 1996.

Publicly accessible:

  • ADS (in France): Astrophysics Data System (NASA) offers a bibliographical search service (Abstracta Services) together with the complete texts of the main astronomical journals (Article Service). Access through Harvard ADS.
  • ARIBIB: ARI Bibliographical Database for Astronomical References, the electronic equivalent of the printed version of Astronomy & Astrophysics Abstracts, although the abstracts themselves cannot be accessed.
  • SPIN database: Searchable Plhysics Information Notices Database (American Institute of Physics). Contains the abstracts of more than 80 journals published by the AIP and its member societies from 1975 onwards, as well as selected articles from other scientific journals.

Celestial Objects

  • NED: NASA/IPAC extragalactic objects
  • SIMBAD: Set of Identification, Measurements and Bibliography of Astronomical Data (CDS), including bibliographical references
  • Other databases: consult Astroweb

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