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Infrastructures and resources

Electronics Department

Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory

This facility has two aims:

To carry out tests, measurements and experiments in complete isolation from external electromagnetic interference as well as electromagnetic preconformance tests. These  ensure that instruments conform to the required parameters before they are tested at an official laboratory for the issue of an electromagnetic compatibility certificate.

The electromagnetic compatibility laboratory is a prefabricated room with a surface area of 4 x 4 m2. It is 2.75 metres high and has a 1.5m wide entrance with double doors. It is clad inside and out with sheet steel and earthed, so that when the door is closed electromagnetic radiation on the inside is attenuated more than 100 dB compared to that on the outside, which means that in practice it does not penetrate.


This design is also known as a "Faraday Cage." The specifications for it were drawn up by the IAC Electronics Department and it was built by the British company RayProof Ltd. It is air-conditioned and has a telephone, standard and uninterrupted electrical current, lighting, compressed air and nitrogen delivery points, anti-static flooring and an electronic connection panel which allows devices inside the cage to be connected to others on the outside. All the parts are carefully designed and all the connections are fitted with filters to maintain isolation conditions.


The laboratory has a Hewlett Packard HP8546A electromagnetic interference receiver which, together with a large collection of antennae and probes, serves as an advanced calibration system suitable for determining the electromagnetic compatibility characteristics of electronic devices.


Adjacent to the laboratory is an area of 20 m2 which is fitted with electronics workbenches so that equipment can be set up externally and connected to internal devices by means of the connector panels.

The laboratory is managed by the Electronics Department.

Principal instruments

  • HP8456A Electromagnetic Interference Receiver with analysis capability in the 9 kHz to 6,5 GHz band, together with a large number of probes and antennae.
  • LISN ( Line Impedance Stabilization Network), made by EMCO Model 3825/2, used for measuring conducted electromagnetic interference.

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